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Veterinary Services

Brooker Ridge Animal Hospital veterinarians in Newmarket are happy to help your pet with excellent veterinary care. Pets of all ages are welcome.
From the first vaccinations for your new kitten or puppy to senior care for your beloved pets, Brooker Ridge Animal Hospital in Newmarket offers a full range of veterinary services in support of your pet’s health.
New patients and their human companions are welcome. Call or visit us in our Veterinary Clinic in Newmarket and Aurora area. Our staff is always happy to answer your questions about our Veterinary Services
In addition to cat and dog grooming and boarding, the veterinary services and diagnostics available at Brooker Ridge Animal Hospital include:

Pet Check up

Our Veterinarians offer professional veterinary examinations and consultation for a comprehensive range of situations including annual checkups, illnesses, animal vaccinations, oral exams, behavioural consultations and a wide variety of other issues concerning your pets.

Pet Vaccinations

We will work with you and your pets to tailor a vaccination program best suited to your feline or canine health needs. Our dog vaccinations includes parvovirus, canine distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies, also leptospirosis, bordetella (causes kennel cough), and borrelia burgdorferi (causes Lyme Disease) vaccines. Cat vaccinations includes panleukopenia (distemper), feline rhinotracheitis, rabies, and (Herpes virus), and Clicivirus (cause upper respiratory infection). Depending on your cat’s risk (whether indoor or outdoor), we may also recommend other vaccines such as feline leukemia virus (FeLV).

Preventive Services

Our preventive program help protect your pet, prevent and control external and internal parasites such as flea controltick preventiondog heartworm prevention , roundwormstapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, giardiacoccidia, etc. Ask Brooker ridge vet in newmarket aurora area how to protect your lovely pets from these bugs.

Pet Surgery

We perform both elective and emergency surgeries; we have fully qualified veterinarians and technicians available for performing surgical procedures. Our surgical veterinary services including but not limited to pet spayingpet neutering, cat declaw, lump removal, hernia repair, skin laceration repair, cat bite abscess, Cesarean section, gastrointestinal foreign body removal, gastropexy, colectomy, mastectomy (mammary glands removal), urinary bladder stones removal, orthopedics, etc, also emergencies such as urinary tract obstruction unblocking for cats

Veterinary Emergency

Dr. Zak has been working as a pet emergency vet for many years in emergency veterinary clinics in Toronto and York Region area
We receive emergency patients, dogs and cats for cases like Hit by car, car accidents, Urinary obstruction dogs or blocked cats not urinating, dog bite wounds and skin laceration repair, heart failure, heat stroke, renal failure, pyometra, bloat, gastrointestinal obstruction, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, dog allergic reaction, respiratory distress, breathing heavily, seizure, toxicity such as eating grape, raisins, union, rat poisoning, chocolate toxicity, Tylenol, etc. Referral to 24/7 veterinary clinic is also available if needed. Please call ahead.

Pet Dentistry

Our qualified veterinarians perform oral surgery, scaling, polishing, and teeth cleaning and extraction. Our goal is to educate clients on the basics of brushing, nutrition and preventive oral care for your pet.

Nutrition Consultations

We offer to our client’s complimentary nutritional evaluations combined with comprehensive weight control and weight loss programs.


We can easily run a comprehensive blood work on your pet in clinic; we also offer in-house urinalysis testing, thorough fecal examinations and routine monitoring of any medications your pet needs.


We have in-house digital radiology, capable of supplying X-rays with clearer detail. Digital radiography assists our veterinarians in identifying illness in your pet and  can be easy transferred to specialists when required.


Internationally recognized microchips are permanently implanted under the skin for identification.

Diet & Pet Supplies

We provide a wide range of special diet and nutritional foods for dogs and cats of all ages and activity levels. Our veterinarians will help you make the appropriate choice for your pet.


Pet Euthanasia & Aftercare

We provide compassionate peaceful end-of-life services for your beloved animal companion, including dog euthanasiacat euthanasia and after care, a reputable pet cremation service provides the return of pet’s remains.


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