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Pet Dentistry in Newmarket

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Dentistry and Oral Health
Oral health is very important to keep your pet healthy and happy. Our dental services include teeth cleaning and polishing, tooth extractions and minor oral surgery. Our fully equipped dental suite contains all of the necessary tools to ensure your pet's dental procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

Many people don’t realize how important their pet’s dental hygiene is. Aside from having more pleasant breath, keeping your pet’s mouth healthy helps maintain their overall health. Periodontal disease can be linked to heart problems, and chronic pain can make it difficult for your pet to maintain a normal diet. The Veterinary Dental Society states that 80% of dogs, and 70% of cats, over the age of three suffer from periodontal disease. Providing the necessary dental care for your cat or dog can even increase their lifespan by 2-5 years.
Dogs and cats can be experts at hiding their discomfort. There are signs that you can look for that could indicate that you want to get your pet’s teeth examined at their next visit to the veterinarian.
• Excessive drooling and difficulty keeping food/water in their mouths
• Any bleeding of the gums or around the mouth area
• Loss of appetite or loss of weight
• Bad breath
• Discoloured or missing teeth
• Any sensitivity when you touch the mouth area

Dental health problems can be a difficult and costly conditions to treat. Early treatment of any signs of gum disease are the best way to keep your vet costs low, and to keep your pet happy, healthy, and smiling
You can discuss the best food and treat options for dental care, as well as how to properly brush your pet’s teeth with our vet in newmarket aurora area .
Even if your pet is not showing the symptoms of dental disease, it is recommended that you have our veterinarian exam your pet’s teeth during their annual exam. Food particles and bacteria that accumulate around the teeth can lead to the deterioration of the soft tissue and the bone surrounding the teeth. If your pet’s dental health is left uncontrolled, the result can be irreversible periodontal disease, tooth loss, and the possibility of expensive dental surgery.
Poor dental hygiene can also affect the other organs in the body. Bacteria from the mouth can get into the bloodstream, causing serious infections in the kidneys, heart, liver, and lungs. These problems, if not treated early enough, can result in death. If our veterinarians feel that the infection may have spread from the mouth, diagnostic tests can be run to determine best treatment.

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