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Cats Ingrown Nails

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Published by Dr. Zak Saleh, PhD, MVSc, DVM in Client Education · 16 February 2023
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Cats and Ingrown Nails

infected nail

Ingrown cat nail

As a cat owner, you always need to be cautious that you are keeping up with your furry loved ones nail growth. Regular nail trims will help keep your pet’s health and well-being optimal.
Feline’s in the wild have the access to tree climbing and other behaviours that will naturally keep nails at a healthy length. Our domesticated kitties do not have that luxury. Our pet’s often don’t get the exercise needed to naturally wear their nails down, therefore we must make sure that they have regular access to scratching posts, and we must be vigilant in ensuring that they do not overgrow.
Overgrown nails in cats will lead to ingrown nails. Those overgrown nails will curl around, growing back toward the paw pad and will begin to puncture the pad, becoming ingrown. Those extreme sharp tips will continue to grow and grow further inward – causing your little friend extreme pain, discomfort and often infection. Ingrown nails are most common on dewclaws, but can happen to any nail.

Some signs to keep an eye out for in your pet are:
Swelling and inflammation of the pad, toe and foot
• Chewing, biting or licking at the toe
• Sensitivity when the foot is touched
• Limping or favouring the foot
• Bleeding from the foot's pad
• Reduced activity
• Nail visibly grown around and embedded in the pad
• Curved nail

Please take this concern seriously and book an appointment with your local veterinarian as soon as possible. The injury needs to be addressed immediately to ensure the comfort and health of your cat is maintained. If left untreated, it can be very detrimental to your furry little feline, even causing lameness in severe cases.
If your cat is uncomfortable being handled for nail trim at home, please do visit your local veterinarian as they can perform the nail trim for you with trained staff – the main goal is to keep the nails at a healthy length so that no problems or injuries arise.


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